We love mango’s and Mango wood….. Not only are mango’s delicious and good for you but there are also many benefits to the wood.  Mango wood, being a hard wood is perfect for making solid furniture as it is long lasting and hard wearing.  Yet it is also soft enough to work easily with. However, in our opinion the most important benefit is that it is a sustainable product, ethically sourced.  With no negative impact on people or the environment.

These trees grow up to 70 feet high in a very short time and mango plantations only harvest the trees for wood to make furniture at the end of its fruit bearing life span. More are then planted for more fruit and more wood. This makes it a great furniture material of the future.

Mango wood is also very beautiful, displaying a variety of grains, mottles and straight markings. The colour of the wood also varies from deep brown to light blond.

Here’s a taster of some of our delicious Mango wood furniture and lamp bases, from our Barcelona range of furniture – Barcelona console table and side table.

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