“The creative world of Orla Kiely was founded in 1995 to express visually her love of pattern, colour, texture and rhythm, which as components all play and work together. Her instinctive graphic discipline to simplify and stylise everyday motifs and forms adds another dimension. With clean orderly repeat constructions and a boldness of scale, her work achieves strength with a very modern quality, while her nostalgia for all things mid-century, help make her patterns charming, uplifting and instantly recognisable.”

These printed fabrics are the product of the brilliant collaboration between the Orla Kiely brand and Ashley Wilde. We felt super inspired by their bold patterns and vibrant colours and love the retro feel of the prints and the simple stem leaf designs.

Our in-house creatives at Rocke Bespoke have crafted these show-stopping Bespoke Shades featuring ‘Linear Stem’, ‘Multi Stem’ (tomato and olive variations), ‘Oval Flower’ (warm grey), ‘Two Colour Stem’ (warm grey), and as showcased in our large statement drum, ‘Abacus Flower’ (olive).

Our customers absolutely love our Orla Kiely fabric lamp shades too, and all are available in different sizes and shapes to suit everyone’s needs.

Feeling inspired to bring an accent of the classic and colourful Orla Kiely world to your home? Follow us on Instagram for updates or get in touch to order your own bespoke ‘Kiely’!

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