At Rocke design studio we love to experiment with different lampshade backing materials and so it has been a joy and a challenge to collaborate with the design house ANTHOLOGY.  The studio had to innovate a new way of making the lampshades to work with these materials.  We have selected a stunning range of their wallcoverings to pair with our fabrics to produce a collection of pendant lampshades.  Our personal favourite is our pairing with ANTHOLOGY OXIDISE, which due to the design of the fabric, we have made a bespoke depth and is particularly suitable to interior spaces with lower ceilings.  

Anthology take inspiration from everywhere to create their unusual textures and designs from a rusty tin box that was the starting point for the OXIDISE range to the corals and grasses that provided the inspiration for SERI and CORAL.

Take a closer look behind the scenes at anthology:

The Rocke ANTHOLOGY collection marries Anthology wallcoverings with their perfect fabric partners to create bespoke pendant light fittings.