This wonderful book by Neil MacGregor traverses the globe to tell the story of the millennia-long span of human history. These 100 short essays about man-made artefacts held in the British Museum was the starting point for the ANTIQUITIES collection.

I have long been fascinated by objects from antiquity – civilisations of the Mediterranean, the classical antiquity of Greece, Rome Ancient Egypt and other Near Eastern cultures.

A barnacle encrusted urn pulled from the Mediterranean with the patina of millennia invokes stories from the Iliad and the Trojan wars in the mind.

The beauty of Etruscan horse sculptures celebrating Sapiens close relationship with horses.

The story of how we have described ourselves through sculpture from the earliest times.

The intricate beauty of Greco-Roman mosaic patterning.

This is a magpie collection loosely woven together by the threads of ancient stories and a homage to the art of antiquity.