Marble is a stone that has been used for centuries, in buildings, sculpture and monuments. Recently marble has been having something of a moment, evoking ideas of quality and luxury. No longer the preserve of bathrooms, marble statement walls have made it into all living areas courtesy of luxurious marbled wallpapers.

With our beautiful marbled lampshades you easily add touch of this luxury to any space. 

Marble’s close relative Terrazzo is also getting in on the interior design act. The history of terrazzo is fascinating, dating back over 500 years it originated in Venice and was invented by Venetian construction workers. At that time marble was widely used for the construction of buildings and resourceful Venetian mosaic workers discovered a way to reuse the marble odd sized remnants – they used them to build terraces around their living quarters. This then was used throughout the great buildings of Venice.

In the 1900’s Terrazzo emigrated to the US along with families of Italian craftsmen where they continued their trade. Then in the 1920’s architects recognized the design potential of Terrazzo. It was the ideal material for the smooth, curved Art Deco styles of the period. And with the invention of the electric grinder bringing a finer finish to the material, greater speed and lowered costs this material spread all over the US. Notable buildings of the day built incorporating Terrazzo include the Empire State building, Radio City Music Hall and the Frank Lloyd Wright’s Guggenheim Museum.

As a nod to this great history we have curated a range of lampshades, floor and table lamps in a beautifully finished James Hare material Terrazzo.