We have created a lighting collection to showcase the bold geometric lines of the European strand of the inter-war Art Deco movement.  These patterns and designs have stood the test of time and are as relevant and vital today as ever.

The style is as alive today as in its heyday from 1925 until the 1940’s when it embraced all the arts and exerted its influence over furniture, lighting, textile design, architecture and of course interior design.  This streamlined, geometric style softened by furniture pieces with curved fronts and lots of mirrors and clean lines – all chrome and angular geometric shapes.
The modern as always has its roots in the past and influences from Aztec Mexico, Africa and Egypt – zebra patterns and zigzags, stepped and chevron patterns, sunburst shapes and sweeping curves and lines all make for an irresistible combination that reaches down through the decades.

The pallet:  neutrals – blacks, white, silver or brass, grey, taupe and tan.  This is minimalist design pallet with a dash of bold such as navy, green or red.
Furniture: sleek and highly polished lacquered with elegant curves in rosewood, walnut, oak or teak alongside stainless steel or brass.  Upholstery in rich leathers and exotic animal prints.  Oversized chairs and sofas work well with this style.

The floor: sleek materials, marble or gloss, black and white checkered tiles, chevron flooring. Rugs with geometric designs.


And lighting – streamlined zigzag and geometric patterns on lampshades.  angular glass pendant chandeliers and lamp bases in brass, nickel, bronze and chrome.  Pendant shades in white clear or frosted glass.