Mairi Helena

Mairi Helena

“If you’re looking for unique ways to style your home, become braver with colour or find striking interiors from which to seek inspiration, then I may have just found your secret solution….”  Mairi Helena

This quote from her blog chimes so well with Rocke.  That is our mission also and so collaborating with Mairi Helena is such a joy for us.

  There is such a wealth of colours and tones in each piece of fabric to highlight by choosing a complimentary inner material for the lining on the lampshades.  We also take care to make bespoke sizes of the lampshades to suit the design repeat.

Mairi Helena is a Scottish designer creating surface pattern prints and soft furnishings with a unique look and feel, producing high-end luxury accessories such as velvet cushions, lampshades and wallcoverings for home interiors. All her designs are created at her studio in Edinburgh.

The landscapes, colours and wildlife of Scotland provide inspiration for her beautiful creations.  The Mairi Helena collections incorporate a variety of print processes including digital and hand screen-printing.

When working with Mairi Helena fabrics we mostly work with the client to pick out certain colours from the fabrics and the wallcoverings.  Making bespoke ceiling shades with Mairi Helena fabrics on the outside of the shade and selection a coordinating fabric for the inside or one of her wallcoverings inside and a matching fabric outer. The choices are endless and each piece is unique.

We have created a range of lampshades with material and wallcoverings from the first two collections and look forward to expanding these ranges.

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