Night Garden

Night Garden

What do the dwarf Rhino, armoured boar, blushing sloth, flying coral fish and the dodo bird have in common?... They are all extinct.  Magnificent Moooi the design brand of Marcel Wanders has developed drawings of these bygone creatures and immortalised them in their collection produced by Arte into their “Museum of Extinct Animals”. 

When we saw this fabulous design we knew we had to curate our own collection of lighting around it and so the idea of Night Garden was born…

'I love to curate collections around a theme and to inject a bit of theatre into interiors.  Night Garden has developed into a very loose allegory woven around ideas of the beauty of our planet and the fragility of life on earth. Connections made between art, mythology, history and literature are drawn from my own experiences and preferences.  I hope you enjoy the journey…' Lorraine Cotterell


The collection is set in our imaginary Paradise Garden of Ancient Persia. Our  garden is designed to symbolise eternal life.  To the ancient Persians the symbol of eternal life was a tree with a stream at its roots – in our collection this motif is represented by the Procera lamp and Menagerie lampshade covered with extinct animals made immortal.



Above it hangs Jardin de Nuit a rich tapestry of foliage and home to delicate endangered insects - representing the beauty and fragility of the natural world.



The creatures in the garden are watched over by the Shaman who has journeyed here from our world on her mythical Etruscan horse and appears as a representative of our world and link to the great forces of nature.



The idea of the mystery of the night under the stars is represented by our PELOTA chandelier whose design is a nod to the Astrolabe - an ancient instrument used to take astronomical measurements much used by Persian astronomers from the 8th Century.



Fluttering beside Pelota is our Fantail pendant shade, representing the beauty of the fantail forest bird darting around the night sky.  



The entrance to the garden here represented by our statuesque Madison floor lamp topped with Geo Marble shimmering velvet fabric patterned with a fine gold diagrammatic design.  This patterning is so redolent of Ancient Persian tile and architectural design.



On the other side the Troika three light pendant represents a warning to our world, much as Gogol’s reference in his famous novel Dead Souls in which he likens Russia to a Troika – a Russian carriage pulled by three horses, heading out of control to an unknown destination.



And finally…..Events are presided over by our master of ceremonies Hugo dressed to kill in his Haute Couture lampshade covered in our Pangolin velvet material  - the material is named after the fantastical looking endangered ant-eating mammal.  Here Hugo is channelling his inner Joel Grey from the film Cabaret and extolling us to “leave our troubles outside”.