The Silk Road

The Silk Road

The SILK ROAD collection stems from my passion for the history and romance surrounding that ancient network of trade routes connecting east to west, from China to the Mediterranean, followed by Marco Polo in the 13th century to reach Carthage.

This vast network of arteries built up over thousands of years and 4000 miles taking in the great cities of the ancient world made for a unique cross pollination of trade, cultures, sciences, art and religions.

This collection is a loose weaving together of strands and fragments plucked from that great tapestry.  In particular, the collection draws on influences from Chinese landscape Shan Shui paintings in which the concept is to mimic the patterns that nature creates. 

Along the Silk Road these ideas merged with Buddhist pictorial art which was in turn influenced by contact with ancient Greek art. 

Then on to Persia where the layered design style of Chinese landscape painting – mountains with delineated outlines and trees silhouetted against mountain tops became a key feature of Persian miniature painting.


The history of the Silk Road serves as a timely and creative reminder of the interconnectedness of human endeavour, trade and cultures – and ideal to celebrate.